Monday, February 28, 2011

Bead Journal Project 2011 - February - CONFIDENCE

It's that time again I am happy to say I am all caught up now!  January was a crazy month but the tail end of February died down enough to allow me to complete this piece in record time.  This is my second piece for the 2011 Bead Journal Challenge.  The theme I've chosen for my creative inspiration  is traits of a strong woman and this month's trait is "Confidence." 

Whereas arrogance can be a real turn-off in someone's personality, a person who has confidence is one to be admired.  It can come through in how they carry themselves - shoulders back, bright eyes, thoughtful consideration for the things around them.  Just being in the presence of someone with this beautiful trait can be very inspiring. 
  The phrase "proud as a peacock" has carried a negative connotation as people seem to feel that a peacock struts around with a superior presence.  Personally, I believe peacocks to be one of the most beautiful of all creatures... .and if I had those beautiful feathers, I might be walking around like that too.... but with graciousness, of course.  ;)

My February cuff is a graphic representation of a close-up view of a single peacock feather.  I worked with some color combinations I wouldn't normally use.  It was a bit of a challenge capturing the lines of a feather, but I tried my best to maintain the feathery
quality as they flare out from the quill. 

 I am quite happy with how this piece turned out.  These cuffs have a nice weight about them without being too overwhelming. It's a definite statement piece for the one who wears it, and I hope it's worn with pride.  Thanks for checking it out!  I welcome your comments!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bead Journal Project 2011 - January - SPIRIT

Well, I know I'm off to a slow start and it's only the first entry of the year, but I promise to get better at this!  January was a crazy month and so was the beginning of February.  I hope things have died down for a bit so I can get my February piece produced and posted in record time. ;)

The challenge put to us was to choose a theme and then a shape/size of beadwork to product a piece with that theme every month.  I am much more of a wearable art kinda girl rather than producing a set of journal pages for myself.  I want my pieces to be functional, so my size and shape of choice is a rectangular canvas that will be turned into a special collection of cuff bracelets.  

The theme I've chosen is character traits that I admire in a strong woman.  I've got several ideas in mind for the months to come but I know it will be tough to narrow it down to only 12.  My first piece is entitled "Spirit."  

I wanted to incorporate some beautiful elements found in nature so I designed my own floral motif (my fantasy flower turned out pretty cool for something that literally came to life before my eyes as I beaded it.)  The butterfly is a key element of my design as it has been honored as a symbol of transformation.   As we journey through life, we encounter endless turns, shifts and conditions that cause us to morph into ever-finer beings.  At our journey’s end, we are inevitably changed.  So this cuff represents the internal spirit and metamorphosis that a strong woman goes through when finding that strength within.

Here are some shots of my finished piece.  I welcome your feedback!  Looking forward to sharing more of this collection in the months to come.