Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etsy Beadweavers Spring Swap

I was excited to take part in the recent Spring Swap event that took place amongst the Etsy Beadweavers.  This year there were 24 participants who created beautiful pieces based on the preferred styles and colors of their recipients.  My recipient was Kinga Nichols of White Rabbit Jewels.  If you visit her etsy shop, you will see that Kinga is extremely talented and has created some stunning pieces herself, so I sure had my work cut out for me! ;) 

   The specs I was given for her desired piece gave me enough direction and yet left it open for me to interpret it as I wanted.
I knew that her favorite colors were orange & green.  I knew that she liked funky, modern things and that she loved cuff bracelets.  So, I jumped at the chance to create her a piece that I am happy to say she was thrilled with.   Here is the lovely Kinga modelling her new cuff. ;)

Here is the swap piece that was created for me by Maria Nyberg of Macrame by Maja.  Her intricate knotting designs are just beautiful! Definitely something I couldn't have constructed myself.  Thanks, Maria!  :)

Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in this event!



  1. Both bracelets are great! I love what you did for Kinga and I know she is absolutely thrilled with it. Told me she wore it to bed! And your new bracelet form Maja is really stunning as well. Subtle and elegant! I love micro macrame and learning to do it is on my bucket list. I have never participated in a swap, but maybe...

  2. Absolutely beautiful piece of work!!!! I love it!

    ♥ Megan

  3. Thank you, Marsha & Megan! I'm truly happy that Kinga was so excited when she received her piece. I had hoped I hit the nail on the head and, since she wore it to bed, guess I succeeded! ;>

    The micro macrame is so intriguing. I made friendship bracelets back in the day but this is something entirely different. I'd love to learn it sometime myself.

    Hope you participate next time, Marsha. If you've got the time to squeeze it in, it really is a great experience. :)

    Thanks to you both for stopping by!

  4. Both Bracelets are so pretty! Your bracelet from Maja is so unusual in the macrame. And I do really love the bracelet you created for Kinga - she sure seems to love it, too, from her smile! Wasn't the swap fun? I've never done anything like it, and I thought it was great. Can't wait for the next one!

  5. Thank you, ladies! It was such a fun swap, I look forward to doing it again. It was great to see so many people so happy with the pieces they received!


  6. Ohh Lisa, Your bracelet is still super duper fabulous and while I don't sleep in it all the time anymore, I still wear it an awful lot and get many compliments on it ALL the time. So shiny, so beautiful, so comfy....