Friday, September 24, 2010

Beady Goodness....

Well, I've firmly planted myself on the kitchen island stool where I have been perched most often the last couple of weeks. In between tea parties and playing dress up with my daughter, Lauren, (see photo below!) I'm working on getting some more pieces complete so I can hopefully do some trunk shows this fall. Can't wait!

My workspace is sprinkled with some beautiful focal beads I've recently acquired -

I've already used three of these beauties in pendants..... two of them are pictured below.  The third will be finished and progress posted soon!

I love the soft, girlyness of the first pendant and the earthy class of the second.  It never ceases to amaze me how many different things you can do with beads and what a different vibe a piece can give based on the colors, stitches and finishes used.

Back to the beading board for me... more to come soon!

Creatively~ Lisa


  1. O!! You lucky woman!! Dress up and fantastically gorgeous cabs!! What more could a lady want??!! I adore how you framed your earthy cab - how in the world did you get it to stay on, with those thrilling swags?!! Just stunning!! (And yep - I'm following you now, too!!!)

  2. Thanks, Nancy! That earthy cab is actually a vertically drilled bead, so I looped thru it several times to secure it! Sometimes I find some stuff I really like in the form or larger beads, so I have been taking advantage of it! Thanks so much for following me. And yes, dressup and beading, doesn't get much better than this! ;)


  3. Hooray Lis! It's great that you've got your beady blog up and running :-) It looks absolutely wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to following what you're up to. Those focal beads are all exquisite! I really love what you've done with the first have a great eye for colour ;-) And how gorgeous does Lauren look playing dress-ups!

  4. Thanks, Belinda! I'm so glad I've finally done it too. I absolutely love looking at other people's work spaces and watching projects come alive. I just needed to do it for myself! My goal is to stay productive pretty regularly (unless a web design project comes thru and robs all my creative time), because I want to do some holiday trunk shows and boutiques, so we'll see what happens. I've started listing some of these woven pieces in my etsy shop, so I am crossing my fingers that I can get some sales there as well.

    Thank you for all your kind words. I really love what I do and it really means a lot to me when other creative people respond so positively. :)))

    Take care~